Why is our nutrition coaching so effective?

Process, systems and frameworks.  It’s really that simple.


Look I’ll be honest, nutrition is tough.  It’s not much fun, it takes effort day after day and it’s easy to get burnt out.  It’s no wonder why most people that take on nutrition don’t succeed.


Remember when your sister “tried keto” and that guy next to your cube “did a juice cleanse”?  Sure, there may have been some immediate jumps of the needle – but let’s be honest, did they make an appreciable change that lasted with them long term?


The data is not promising.  MAYBE your sister happened to, but by and large people are not succeeding with nutrition.  Which is why, surprise, the collective health of Americans continues to dip year after year despite an ever increasing amount of spending on the fitness industry and its subsidiaries.


Not to discourage you, it is 100% a valid, worthwhile and wonderful journey to undertake – when you succeed.  Not only will you get the weight loss and some energy back, but you will realize things about sleep, habits, exercise, energy, your hormones and a host of other things that you didn’t realize was tied to your nutritional strategy.


But that’s why so many people succeed with our coaching when they struggle on their own.  We are an ally with tools and we frame the conversation as far more than just “lose weight.”  In fact, if that is your primary reference point for nutrition to start with – you are missing a ton of good stuff!  Things that can change your life for the better in ways you wouldn’t believe.


So what are those resources?  Well first, check out this diagram.


This is our process on paper.  We went to great lengths to think of every detail and flesh out a complete end-to-end framework that anyone can understand.


What is the use of this?  Why does it matter?  Don’t I just need to “find the diet that works for me” and run with it?


Sure, that might work, but hear me out:


Why do you want to lose 10 pounds anyway?

What is your primary obstacle?

Does your spouse support your decisions?

What about your mother in law? (yea, that can be a very pernicious force…)

Do you have access to good information?

Or, is your information from an issue of Cosmopolitan from 1997?


“I’ll try Keto” just doesn’t even scratch the surface as to WHY you might be in a place where you want to “lose weight” to begin with.


Now I get it.  This level of dialogue might turn you off.  Maybe you are looking for the pill.  Maybe you are thinking there is a better way.  Best of luck in your quest!


But I have been in this field for more than a decade.  I know what’s out there.  I know what works.  Moreover, I have had a “laboratory” full of people for that decade that have verified these methods and provided certainty that our process is one that you can bank on.


Read that again


A nutrition strategy you can bank on


Wouldn’t that be something?


In a nutshell it is about identifying where you are at, what is the most important thing to be done and creating a roadmap to get there step by step.  It IS simple.  But it’s also very nuanced.


It’s tempting when someone says “hey, just try keto!” or “just eat less!”  but there is a problem – These aren’t nutrition strategies, they are just throw away assertions!  That’s like your financial advisor saying “try the stock market” or “just spend less” as your retirement strategy.  Run the other way!


Nowhere is this framework is the word juice cleanse or Keto or even the word diet!


That’s because those things aren’t part of an effective strategy.  They are just tools (mostly not very good ones) in a wide array of methods to address nutrition.


So you gotta ask, do you want a coach to guide you through a proven framework that has worked for countless others?  Or, do you want to continue the hunt for the silver bullet?


When you are done hunting for the magic secret and ready to settle down with an ordinary, boring, plain but incredibly effective strategy, schedule a time to talk to us about how we can help you get exactly what you are looking for.

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