What is the ROI of your current efforts?

I had a conversation with a client of mine the other day that went something like


“Hey, coach Eric, I just wanted to share something with you.  I had some friends who have been sitting on the sidelines during all of this progress and they said, “man, I wish I could do what you did!  I wish I could get in shape like you!”


and she said:


“uh…you can.  You can literally join my gym tomorrow and do exactly what I did.  They have a plan, they’ll take you through the same thing.  You can have what I have.”


And, oddly enough, it was met with back peddling and the classic “not enough time” and all that stuff.


Ok, hold up.


So you mean to tell me, you witnessed her success first hand (i.e. its not a scam), you know her personally (i.e. she’s not a millionaire super athlete), you want what she has and…then just, that’s the end of the conversation?


It dawned on me.  Not everyone is ready for change.


We can all look at some “heroic figure” and utter the words “I want that too!” but when left with the task ahead (i.e. the work), it gets a little different.


So I thought it might be helpful to explain how this works and exactly who can expect to get success with us.


Person A

  • Currently puts time and effort into nutrition and exercise
  • OR, is highly motivated to start that process
  • WANTS the outcomes it promises
  • Isn’t getting the results they want currently
  • This might be due to poor information or poor role models or any number of things like simply being stuck in a routine and plateau
  • BUT, the effort, attitude and desire is there


Person B

  • Does not put in the time and effort as stated above
  • WANTS the outcomes
  • Isn’t expending any energy to further their goals
  • Still looking for “the way that won’t hurt too bad to require too much effort”
  • This might be for any number of reasons, but the point is
  • The CHANGE they need to overcome is not one of “what to do and when to do it” or what gym to sign up for or what program to purchase, it is a matter of changing the mental framework to embrace the change and chase it relentlessly.


If you are Person A, you need to get in touch with us asap.  You have fire.  You have fuel.  You have the energy.  You have the drive.  I want to hone that to a laser focus so you can melt steel beams.  You maybe be surprised to find that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.


We have developed a series of systems that takes effort and multiplies it.  We have developed frameworks that countless before you have proceeded through and come out the other side a changed person.  If you are Person A and you are spending the time but not getting what you want, we can guarantee that you’ll get success with us.


If you are Person B, that is aok.  Everyone is on their own fitness journey and learning the process in their own way, but the things we will ask you to do you may not be ready for.  If you haven’t embraced the idea of reevaluating the landscape in which you operate and are fully willing to ditch the bad to adopt the best practices – and work hard to achieve them – then this might not be a good place for you.


Let me be clear, we work with teens and people in their 70s.  We work with athletes and beginners to fitness.  We work with accountants and soccer moms.  We work with all types of people – the unifying characteristic is that above: Fire.


If you have fire, let us help you focus it, distill it, and together we’ll reshape your fitness future.


Coach Eric

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  1. I’m totally a person A! My inspiration comes from wanting to be the best I can. I look at others get inspired and say if if they can do it so can I. The rewards are immeasurable when we challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.

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