What if your workout wasn’t your workout?

You’ve had a long day.


You’ve been savoring the idea of hitting the pavement for a long run or a zoning out on the elliptical to wash it all away.


You’ve got your bag packed.  You’re going to sneak out a bit early to beat the gym rush.


You arrive and get a little jolt of adrenaline as you get to leave the day behind.  Maybe you’ll even do a little weight training!


The stars have aligned, it’s going to be a good day.


Then as you lace up your shoes and take those first warmup steps, a longtime acquaintance stops to say hi:


Knee Pain


“Maybe if I just push through, it’ll loosen up and I’ll be good.”


10 minutes in and you are noticeably limping.




That’s the 3rd run in a row where you had to stop because the pain kept mounting.  It didn’t subside.  It didn’t loosen up.  What’s worse?  Now your foot is starting to zing a little bit as well.


You feel defeated, pack up your things, throw your bag in the trunk with a little extra pissiness, slam your door for good measure and sit there for a second.


“How am I supposed to be healthy if I can’t even work out!?”


What if your workout was no longer your workout?


“THE WORKOUT” gets put on a pedestal.  Yes, I – a gym owner – am about to talk you out of more exercise.  I want you to reframe what health is.  Rethink how you can be healthy.


Because at this present moment, your knee (and now your foot) is NOT healthy.  It is screaming at you – literally and figuratively.


But what can you do?  “No pain, no gain…right?!”  That’s how you get better?  You have to suffer, right?  Pain is part of the process, right?


No, no, no and definitely no.


In the next several blog posts, I am going to teach you step by step how to run again.  I WANT you to be able to run.


In fact, running is the #1 activity that leads someone to see me to begin with.  They love running.  But it’s killing them slowly and so they hang it up and find something else.  Often by way of a recommendation from our Chiro (shoutout to Precision Sports Medicine) they end up at our gym.  Usually they talk to me about how much they love running but how it was ruining their knees (and low back and feet).  From there, I get a chance to have a heart to heart about how they have been treating their body and open their eyes about how they can run again…IF they rethink how they approach their workout.


Stay tuned!

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