What are you training your body to do?

For many – it is to sit.


We sit to eat breakfast.  Get in the car, sit while we drive.  Arrive at work to sit some more.  Then head home, sitting once again, to sit down and eat dinner and sit to watch some television before bed.  Rince and repeat.  We sit a lot!


I am sitting to write this right now.  It’s unavoidable.


Are a few gym sessions a week enough to counter act it?  It is certainly better than nothing!


But if you sit or lie down for 23 and then workout for 1 – your body is still thinking “alright, putting in the work for that sitting competition coming up!  I have been putting in some good training!”


“You are what you eat!!”….right?


Well, if so, then you are what you move as well.


And collectively we are great sitters.


How do we overcome this?  How do we send a different message?  Shaking up the routine and giving some other signals besides sitting?


Stand.  Now, it’s not a pancea and there are downsides to standing too much.  BUT, at least it is a different signal.


Walk.  Take a meeting walking.  Walk at lunch.  Walk the dog.  Walk before work.  Walk after work.  Walking is the greatest secret the fitness industry will never tell you about.  It simply too damn free to market to you.


Sit on the floor.  Sitting, but different!  Cross-legged.  Open-legged.  Pigeon pose.  You know you can just as readily watch your favorite show like this?  Take a call? Heck, even eat your lunch.


Sneaky Stretching.  Waiting in line?  Fold over.  Waiting for that meeting to wrap so you can use the conference room?  Stretch your calf against the wall.  Stuck in traffic? Do pelvic tilts.


Ok, maybe the last one is a little advanced and/or weird for most people to take on, but the point is this: you are currently training your body for the All Time World Sitting Championship.  Let’s introduce some new training.  Let’s entertain the idea that there is time, there are ways that we can improve these things.


What could you do in your day to reverse the impacts of sitting?

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