Wednesday 7/3/19

CrossFit Walnut Creek – Concord – CrossFit

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Clean and jerk prep



work to single

Clean complex

power clean + 5 sec ecc. + clean pull- 5 sets

Split Jerk

Out of rack- 5 x 2


Metcon (Time)

7 or 10 rds:

1 clean complex (155/108)

5 burpee over bar

7 F2B

*14min cap

* choose to do 7 or 10 rds, goal is to finish what you select within the 14min cap

Cash out

Optional- Midline, pull, push, pump sesh, airdyne, grip, MOB, Skill


Cable crunch- 1 x 40

Hollow body rock- 1 x 30

Plank with leg lift- 1 x 2min (switch legs every 30 sec)

Accessory strength (4)-

Fat ball pull-ups- 2 x 10

Ring push ups- 2 x 20

EZ bar preacher curls- 2 x 12

Reversr hyper- 2 x 20

Airdyne fun-

4 rds:

12 cal sprint

*rest is choice, try to rest is little as possible while maintaining consistent sprint times


Softball farmers hold- 1 x 1min


LAX post delt with int. and ext. rotation


L-sit practice (SL variations, band assisted)- accumualte 2min

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