We build Super Humans

Wow, pretty bold statement, yea? Super Human?!

Absolutely! We build humans that are SUPER…

…Super resistant to disease and sickness
Super confident in their bodies and abilities
Super well prepared to embark on physical tasks and take on challenges
Super likely to live long, feel good and be strong for their whole life

Super Humans.

You know what the opposite of this is. You have a family member, friend or colleague who:

Is always sick
Is always complaining
Is always tired
Is always looking for the easy way
Is always lamenting how old they are and can’t do anything anymore

Maybe they’ve even convinced you the world is against them (and you should retreat in similar fashion). That fate has aligned to make them, in particular, miserable and unable to enjoy life. We are the antidote to that particular brand of misery!

Maybe you’ve heard about CrossFit being “hardcore” or a cult or…whatever…

Yes, there are loud people on social media – for some reason they seem to rarely post about, what I feel, is the true center of it all.

The path that is challenging, frustrating, intimidating and novel is also the one that produces the greatest evolution of character. The thing you don’t see are the moms and dads, accountants and construction workers, grandpas and granddaughters that quietly arrive every day for a chance to be brave, do something challenging and, IN THE PROCESS, build the resiliency to tackle what life throws at them.

Sure, sometimes that is “lifting heavy shit” but more often it is putting your head down, telling your “inner-quit” to take a quick seat and shutup, and persist onward to a better version of yourself.

If that’s not super, I don’t know what is.

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