Thursday 7/18/19

CrossFit Walnut Creek – Concord – CrossFit

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Band pull-aparts

Band butterflies


Overhead Squat

Snatch grip sots press (mod as needed to maintain positions, sit on bench or MB, elevate heels, etc.)- 2 x 4


OHS with pause (3 sec)- work to a triple


OHS work to a double

Strict pull ups

No kipping, strict hollow body pull-ups
1 x max load

1 x max reps

*warm up as needed to prepare for max load and max reps bodyweight


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 9 min:

9 2KB burpee deadlift (28/20)

9 box jump (24/20)

18 split squat jump (9ea)

Cash out

Optional- Midline, pull, push, pump sesh, airdyne, grip, MOB, Skill


2KB sit-up- 2 x 14

Firing range hold- 2 x :45

Side plank with top leg lift-2 x :45ea

Accessory strength (4)-

HS hold- 2 x 2min

2KB bottoms up max OH hold- 1 x max time

close grip cable row- 2 x 20

single arm ring row- 2 x 10ea

Airdyne fun-

5 rds:

30 sec hard

30 sec easy


Wrist roller- 1 x 4 each way


KB calf smash- 1 x 2min ea


Box jump practice – 10 min (take off, landing, SL, arm action, recovery

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