Thursday 6/13/19

CrossFit Walnut Creek – Concord, CrossFit Walnut Creek – DownTown – CrossFit

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3 position band pull aparts- 10 ea

Band butterflies- 1 x 8 ea


Overhead Squat

Snatch grip sots press (seated if needed, just find a challenging depth)- 2 x 4


OHS w/ pause (4 sec)- 3 x 4 x 60%,

No pause- 3 x 6 x 65%


OHS- 2 x 10 x 70%,

1 x 8 x 75%,

1 x 6 x 80%

Vertical Pull

loaded chin up hold + max rep chin up (no load)-

3 x :20 hold + max reps (no load)


Metcon (Time)

For time:

1500m row

*Every 90 sec perform 8 F2B

*Start with F2B

*F2B or mod is to be unbroken throughout workout so scale accordingly (reps or movement)

*15min cap

Cash out

Optional- Midline, pull, push, pump sesh, airdyne, grip, MOB, Skill


Russian twists- 100 reps (50 ea)

toe touchers- 100 reps

Band resisted sit-ups- 50 reps

Accessory strength (4)-

KB windmill- 2 x 5ea

Seated straddle 2KB waiter hold (locked elbows)- 2 x 1min

Preacher DB hammer curls- 2 x 10ea

Front support on rings- 2 x 30 sec

Airdyne fun-

10min ride, intensity is choice


Hang board- accumulate 30 sec on hard hold


Band front rack opener- 2 x 30 sec ea


slow TGU (30 sec up, 30 sec down)- 2 x 1ea

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