Ryan Durant

"Once I got into Dan’s program the results happened pretty fast"

I started working with Dan when I was probably 10lbs over where I wanted to be, which is actually 5lbs to where I would like to be now. I was working out and looking ok and not overweight. I really wanted to trim up and look tone and FEEL better. I was still not feeling as good as I wanted.

Once I got into Dan’s program the results happened pretty fast. Eating with the correct macros was such a huge improvement for my energy level and my results in Crossfit. I was able to feel better, lose some weight, look more trim and hit Personal Records for lifting!

I have been on Dan’s program for over a year and the journey has been fantastic. Dan is great at finding people’s motivation areas and targets that to help you improve. I can dip in and out of strict macro counting and know that once I am back on target I’ll get the results I want pretty fast. He is very good about coaching people to rest when they should and not just spend all their time in the gym working out.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Dan on my health goals and I wouldn’t be where I am now without his advice and coaching!

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