Scott Roberts

"Simply put: This is a solid gym"

Simply put: this is a solid gym.

I been told that crossfit is too expensive especially when there is ample opportunity to join a gym like 24 hour fitness. I highly disagree with this viewpoint. Crossfit has been more of a lifestyle change than just getting in shape and there are several facets that make this a true statement.

First of all, Andrew and Eric (the coaches) are knowledgeable, educated, intelligent and kind hearted. They both want the best for their clients and will help their clients succeed in making the respective goals of the clients. At the same time they are resilient in making sure that the crossfit members push themselves to a point where the body is maxing out and all the while being very safe. (Its called a masters in kinesiology)

The second facet is crossfit itself. Crossfit incorporates good cardio and old school lifting. This is the best way a layman can explain crossfit. But there is also a brotherhood and sisterhood for the members. No matter what skill level a person might be at, the gym members only look at one thing when judging someone: Is this person showing up. Just get to the gym and try your best. Everyone else will be right there with you sweating away and just trying to get through the WOD.

Finally, the classes are capped. Thusly, Andrew makes sure that you get the personal attention required to do the lifts safely and properly. This type of coaching style is rewarding because you can feel the lift is correct and feels right when doing the lift properly.

I would recommend this crossfit gym to anybody looking to change their health for a lifetime

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