Carla Botteselle

"The results have been exponentially better than what I was achieving on my own.  "

I have been a member of CFWC for 18 months.  It is amazing how much a place that I visit for 3 hours a week has positively impacted my life.  I only wish I’d joined earlier.

Before I joined I had two major reservations.  1) The price.  It costs a lot more than a standard gym.  Could it possibly be worth it?  2) Injuries.  I’ve had a decade long battle with chronic lower back pain (including surgery) that has always, despite my best efforts and a lot of physical therapy, gotten worse with exercise.  Would I be putting myself at risk of more damage?

In terms of price, my concerns were short sighted.  I pay quite a bit more than I did when I went to a “normal” gym, but the results have been exponentially better than what I was achieving on my own.  And it’s not just that I’m stronger, fitter, and more capable.  It’s that for 18 months I’ve kept a consistent routine that I genuinely enjoy.  This has been money well spent and would be one of the last things I’d cut from my budget.

But the thing that really surprised me is that my back pain is basically gone.  Seriously.  After a decade of nagging, cyclical injuries, I was finally able to break out of the vicious cycle and get stronger and become pain free!  I credit this to high quality coaching and a healthy culture within the gym.  The coaches at CFWC  are able to get to know you personally and give you individualized attention because they keep classes small (less than 10 members per class).  I get to train under experts who are able to give me valuable, personalized feedback each session and who will develop customized modifications and progressions based on my individual needs.   And while you’ll work hard, the mentality isn’t “win the workout or puke trying.”  Instead, the focus is on developing mobility, learning quality movement patterns, and thoughtful progressive overload.  It’s a long term mentality.

There are a lot of other glowing things to say about CFWC and about the wonderful coaches, but I’ll just say that if you want to get fitter in a way that’s efficient, effective, and fun you should really check these guys out.

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