Arek Puzia

"This place is definitely the real deal"

This place is definitely the real deal.

The coaches here are top notch. The owner/founder Andrew is following his passion in life and it comes through in every aspect of the gym, from the cleanliness to the professionalism to just about everything else. The workouts are extremely well programmed and the results are undeniable. My wife and I joined after going to the standard 24 hour fitness route and then even using a personal trainer for a while. My only regret is not joining this place earlier. The price is a BARGAIN for the resources that you are getting here. They could easily charge 25% more and it would still be completely worth it.

My wife and I joined almost half a year ago. She absolutely loves it! And this is a woman who will not let her butt touch a public toilet and whose idea of “roughing it” is when the Ritz Carlton room service is 15 min late.

Everyone is very approachable and helpful. On day one it feels like you are joining a group of long lost friends. People here are all of shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. At this point I’m pretty sure my wife and I will be lifers at CF Walnut Creek, it’s just that good. The best way I can describe it is that joining 24 hour fitness is like getting your first car, a hand me down Toyota Corolla from your parents. Joining CF WC is like upgrading to a Ferrari…..not only will you never go back, you’ll wonder how you survived before!

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