Sunday 6/23/19

CrossFit Walnut Creek – Concord – CrossFit

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Hands and feet-

Racquet ball- 1 x 90 sec (SL, R2R, L2L, distance, bounce, no bounce)

Plate swizzle- :30 on, :30 off, :30 on


Supine partner MB chest pass-

3 x 8

3 hurdle to box jump-

3 x 3


DB POWER snatch- 3 x 6ea (not in a wod so push load)

Lateral lunge (decel focus)- 3 x 8ea

Fat bar pull-ups- 3 x 4-10 (full grip)


Seal walk- 2 x 30m

seated bar twists- 2 x 20ea


With a partner- (group of 3 is OK f needed)


5 rds:

10/8 cal max effort sprint ea (alternating)

Shuttle run-

3 shuttle runs of 25-25-50-50

1) bulgarian bag on 50-50

2) bulgarian bag on 25-25

3) no bag

*Run wit partner and push each other

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