Strong Momma

Coaching for Mommas Past, Present and Future!

Specialty Coaching to tackle the unique challenges associated with being fit, healthy, pain free surrounding child birth, post-partum recovery, pelvic floor health and all things to help mommas get Strong!


Strong Momma Club

  • Weekly Drop-In Class
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Building strength and confidence, resolving pelvic floor symptoms, and meeting other strong mommas!
  • Class runs Weekly on Thursday at 10:30am
  • Drop in and check it out!

1on1 Coaching

  • Work 1on1 with a coach to resolve your particular symptoms
  • Address a wide variety of challenges associated with pregnancy, child birth and post partum symptoms. ¬†Build a strong body!
  • Schedule a No Sweat Intro to find out how we can help

Strong Momma Newsletter
Get the latest on how to tackle tricky pelvic floor issues, learn about exercises for rebuilding your body and helpful tips to navigate the post-partum experience.  Register for the Newsletter

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