Specialty Programs

A variety of highly specialized programs

Our specialty programs brand off from our amazing Group Coaching Classes to more nuanced and specific items.

Our Current Core Specialty Programs

Edge4Life Pullup and Muscle Up Program

  • Struggle with pullups?
  • Want a FOOLPROOF guide that you can complete remotely at your own pace?
  • Want to have a blueprint that tells you exactly what needs to be done?
  • This is the program for you!

Program Preview

Program Registration ($10/mo.)


Edge4Life Pain Free Fitness Program

  • In too much pain to complete the activities you love?
  • Given up on your “bad back” or “bad knees”?
  • Think pain is just something you’ll have to deal with?
  • Great news – there is hope!
  • This program is remote with coaching, completed at your own pace with a community forum for support and feedback.

The Pain Free Fitness Program is founded off of the Athletic Truth Group principles started by the increasingly popular “kneesovertoesguy.”

Our program was created to bridge the gap between experienced gym goers, runners and active people of all kind to SOLVE knee, back, hip, shoulder and ankle pain.  yes, SOLVE.

Program Preview

Program Structure and Details

Program Registration ($50/mo.)

Future Programs in development

Beat the COVID 20 6-Week Bootcamp (Estimated to Launch Spring 2022)

Women’s Health and Fitness – Post child bearing strength, core and stability (Estimated to Launch Summer 2022)

Email [email protected] to get the latest info on these programs and get your name on the pre-registration list.

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