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Nutrition is the foundation of your success.  With great nutrition, you can workout less, get more results and, dare we say, STILL ENJOY your food!

The biggest mistake everyone makes is to ignore nutrition.  The greatest realization you can make is that the door of fitness is opened with the key of nutrition.  Unlock the door and accomplish anything you can imagine!

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  • I feel stronger, healthier, more confident

    In the 9 months I have worked with Dan, I feel stronger, healthier, more confident, and in the best shape I have ever been. I have lost weight and gone dow

    juliana sosine
  • I feel better, work out better and getting slimmer because of Dan!

    I have been working with Dan for two years and he has not only been committed to my health, fitness and weight loss, he truly cares about my overall well-b

    nilu majd
  • Once I got into Dan’s program the results happened pretty fast

    I started working with Dan when I was probably 10lbs over where I wanted to be, which is actually 5lbs to where I would like to be now. I was working out a

    ryan durant
  • I am the lightest that I have been in years but sustained the muscles that I have gained

    I started using Dan's services around 6 months ago. My reason to start was that I never took my diet seriously but, as I am getting older, it was becoming

    sina shayesteh

Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation

In 30 minutes, we determine exactly where you are at, what you need and the best path forward to achieve your goals.  You will understand the how, what and why of excellent nutrition!

Get your numbers and guide to success

Once you realize the magic of a proper nutrition plan, it’s time to set one up – customized just for you!  We do not believe in one-size-fits-all nutrition and our program reflects that.  We customize your program, numbers, intake, rest days, work days…..everything!  In order to ensure you succeed.

Unlock your Potential!

Once you are on your way, we checkin as often as you like, retool things as often as needed and monitor your progress on a daily basis.  Each milestone in nutrition uncovers new potential and gives you momentum to achieve things you never thought possible!

Whether you just want to lose those last 10 pounds or train for a marathon, we have a plan that will see you through to the end!

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