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Do you prefer working out with a group?  Do you get fired up on the energy of a class?  Do you want 1on1 coaching, but in a budget friendly group format?

Our coaches are experts at leading engaging, productive, challenging classes where you can work out with your best buds, have a great time and get a fantastic workout.

Schedule a “No-Sweat-Intro” to discover how a Group Coaching environment can help you achieve your goals.

  • This place is definitely the real deal

    This place is definitely the real deal. The coaches here are top notch. The owner/founder Andrew is following his passion in life and it comes through i

    arek puzia
  • My experience with Eric has been extremely positive.

    My experience with Eric has been extremely positive. Eric cares deeply about generating measurable results for his clients. From the onset, he took the tim

    borja cuan
  • The results have been exponentially better than what I was achieving on my own.  

    I have been a member of CFWC for 18 months.  It is amazing how much a place that I visit for 3 hours a week has positively impacted my life.  I only wish

    carla botteselle
  • Wonderful owners, wonderful instructors.

    I just want to say what a great place to work out.  Wonderful owners, wonderful instructors.  I have lost about 30 pounds in three months of consistent w

    nilu majd
  • Simply put: This is a solid gym

    Simply put: this is a solid gym. I been told that crossfit is too expensive especially when there is ample opportunity to join a gym like 24 hour fitnes

    scott roberts

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