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The Athletic Truth Group (ATG) was founded by Ben Patrick (i.e. The Kneesovertoesguy) and burst onto the scene in 2020 and has gained incredible traction since!  Edge4Life is one of the first gyms in the world to have coaches certified in the methods and principles of ATG founded by Ben.


What makes this training special?  Glad you asked – first, it all starts with Ben’s story[link].  Then, the story of the folks that followed in his footsteps to heal their own pain.  Here is how Eric has been helping folks with ATG methods since becoming an endorsed coach.


If this resonates with you, it isn’t hard to see why this has made such a dramatic improvement in so many lives!  You now have the chance to understand why the principles contained within are improving fitness, joint health, athleticism and giving people hope who have chronic joint pain and dysfunction.




ATG Sled Sunday


Want to experience the benefits of sledding?  Heal you joints?  Fix your knees?  This is the place to begin!  We keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it effective and all you have to do is show up.


Sled Sunday runs at 8:45am every Sunday


It’s only $5 to drop in!  No long term commitment!


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ATG Coaching for Adults


Want to get an integrated ATG coaching experience to fix all of your joint problems, address your imbalances, learn principles of ATG and unlock your most athletic self?  This class offers the keys to those doors!


ATG Coaching for Adults currently runs T/Th at 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Schedule a No Sweat Intro to see if you are a good fit to enroll in the class


Check out this video for what to expect in ATG Coaching for Adults



ATG Coaching for Athletes


Between athletic seasons, we run Athlete Bulletproofing Camps for athletes between the ages of 16 and 23.  Email [email protected] to see when the next enrollment begins.


ATG 1on1 Performance/Pain Resolution Coaching


Want to work in a focused environment with a coach 1on1 to solve your joint pain for good?  Work on your athleticism?  Bulletproofing your body for your activities and daily life?


This is the BEST training in the fitness sphere – you won’t believe how much gains you can make!


Schedule a No Sweat Intro to discuss how we can help!


Check out this video for what to expect in ATG Coaching for Athletes



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Everything you need to know about living WITHOUT pain, fixing your joints, bulletproofing your low back and understanding how this works.  You get too much email already; this will be THE ONE you look forward to each week!  Learn the latest, keep appraised of our programs and get weekly tips on how to best manage, relieve and FIX your pain!


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Eric Williams is an ATG Endorsed Coach with 10 years of experience strength and fitness coaching.  He has been on his own pain free Journey for more than a year and is among the first to be endorsed by the ATG to teach these principles and help people on their own journey!


He is now active and pain free in his own life, taking on vigorous activities like Spartan races and Brazilian jiu jitsu as a father of 2 young girls, having a hectic schedule and using these principles to live a full and active life.


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Want a great affordable option and work directly with an ATG Coach from where you live?


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