Member Stories

Our members all have a story to tell! Could your fitness journey follow in their footsteps?

Valerie Crowell

Did you know - - Val is a multiple world record holder in powerlifting?!

Valerie has spent 35 years as a Real Estate agent in the Bay Area. Also, she is a veteran to fitness and seen it all. These days she is working on skills, mobility and getting her groove back after a double knee replacement – but that won’t stop her!

Cole Robustelli

Young, hungry and trying to unlock his genetic potential

Cole started training at Edge4Life at the young age of 15!  Building on the good habits fostered by his mom, Fran (story below), he is relentless in attacking his goals, unlocking his genetic potential and setting up good habits for life.

Carol Williams

The dear mother of founders Eric Williams and Andrew Williams, Carol found weight training later in life

Despite not working with weights until later in life, Carol completely realizes the benefits and encourages all Legends of Fitness to use weight training to support mobility, autonomy and life function as we age.  She comes in, puts her head down, gets to work and lets the coach and class work their magic!

Ron Baity

Ron discovered fitness and turned his life around. 35 years later, his is an inspiration to us all

Ron beams with energy and positivity!  And he grants some of that power to his life long dedication to fitness.  Out with the negative, in with the growth, positivity and understanding.  There is too much life left to live to let those blocks get in the way!

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Nadia Bellafronte

Fitness doesn't drain Nadia - it fills her back up after a long day

Being a teacher is no easy task!  After a long day on the front lines, Nadia comes in to class to give it her all (even if she is drained from the day).  Furthermore, the class fills her back up – life just isn’t right unless she can cap off the day with a good workout.  A lifelong athlete, the classes bring back the feeling of hitting the Rugby field and giving it her all.

Ben G

A former star athlete, Ben is using his training to go on a muscle building mission.

Ben excelled in sports early in life which took him to a Collegiate Baseball career.  Training wasn’t what it is today and now he is thrilled to be able to pack on some pounds of muscle after years of thinking it just couldn’t happen.  Sometimes your fitness journey takes you to unexpected places, but it is never too late to take on a big goal!

Jacquee G

For Jacquee, the gym is family

Jacquee got exposed to strength training in high school and was hooked ever since.  She enjoys a variety of fitness activities, but always finds herself coming back to lifting heavy things.  Being exposed to weight training as a young woman was an amazing experience and she loved feeling strong – she’s never looked back!

Henrik E

Henrik was inspired by the action stars of the 80s and 90s as well as his own father

Henrik has been training since he was 13 and considers it as natural as breathing!  His goals have evolved over the years, but what always keeps him coming back is constantly improving, learning new skills and exposing himself to new challenges.

It's a family affair!

Fran and Ryan are mother and son, train together and are part of a family that have ALL trained at Edge4Life

This family is no stranger to fitness!  Fran finds fitness is essential to her routine and well-being.  It is a non-negotiable.  Ryan follows in his mothers (and brothers!) footsteps to establish good habits at a young age.  Together, they crush their gym sessions as a duo.

Arek P

Success after back surgery

Returning to the gym strong after back surgery, Arek lifts, works and stays consistent to live a long and healthy life, be a good example for his family.  He’s hit his best body comp ever post operation!

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