I’d like you to meet Bob and Sue

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Bob and Sue


Sue and Bob are hypothetical members of ours that are the collective embodiment of all of the success (and failures) of folks training under our care.


If you are an Edge4Life member, you might find some of these stories familiar – they are your stories!


I’d like to start by introducing Sue.


Recently Sue and I had a conversation about her training and how she thought she was behind the rest of her classmates (who are all about 10 to 20 years younger than her) and she was getting down on her balance during a movement and things like that.


Well, topics continue to unfold and I asked Sue about her recent get-together with some old friends.


She was saying how it was really fun, but she was a little disappointed that her friends didn’t want to do as much hiking as she did and got tired from the days activities a bit quicker while she had energy to spare.  She shared that she was the only one who could lift the whole cooler and taken it down the beach by herself!


And I said…Sue, do you realize…you are the fit friend!




Sue, you just told me all about how you were running circles around your friends and performing feats of strength that no one else could muster.


Sue, you are the fit friend for sure!


Despite being hard on herself for a bit of loss of balance and maybe not preforming to the same degree as her class mates, she was crushing it against her peer group!


Lo-and-behold, the next week she was in, the task from before didn’t seem quite as hard.  That boost to know that her hard work was paying off really put some wind in her sails.


I am incredibly proud of Sue and her realization that she is capable of more than she thinks!

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