How does Edge4Life work?

This might be your 1st introduction to us, or maybe your 100th.

So to recap, here is what Edge4ife is all about, straight from the source.

We are an all-in, comprehensive transformation machine.  What does that mean?

First, we get right to the source of it – what do you want?  Everyone’s goals are a little different.  How can we get you there?

Next, we have a path to make that happen.  Weight loss?  We got you.  Strength gains?  We got you.  General health and wellness? We got you.

How can we do that?  Well, our framework is incredibly effective.  Our coaches care deeply.  Our gym at large is full of motivated, awesome people.  We’ve been kicking ass for nearly a decade.

Is this place for you?  Maybe – we certainly don’t believe that our gym can help EVERY SINGLE person, but we do our best!  The easiest way to find out is to set up a No Sweat Intro.  We’ll dissect what you need, where you are at and if our infrastructure is right for you.  Here’s a bit of a cheat sheet:

What we value and emphasize

– Understanding what you do and where you are at with fitness

– Long term, sustainable goals

– Focus on mechanics rather than big weights.  Focus on understanding rather than rushing.  Focus on getting it right!  The weights come in time

– Leveraging fitness to live our best lives

– Establishing relationships with each of our members so we can foster all of the above

What we don’t do

– Pack our gym elbow-to-elbow with deals, discounts, bargains, promos

– Race to weight loss goals

– Put people on crash diets and endless, frenetic burnout workouts

This is the place people arrive at and then stay for life, and achieve incredible fitness in the process!


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