1. Schedule Your "No Sweat Intro"

Interested in what we do, but just want to talk?  Great!  We’d love to sit down and chat about your goals, experience, movement restrictions and develop a plan for your success.

2. Start Training

We will develop a custom plan for your success.  Do you need help learning new movements?  Awesome, we got you.  Do you need help with nutrition?  Fantastic, we are experts at helping people build nutrition strategies.  Do you want to prepare for a race?  Great, we love working with athletes to give them the Edge!

3. Continue your roadmap for success

What’s the difference between the “other gyms” and Edge4Life Training?  The name says it all – we want to give you a plan of action that can span a LIFETIME.  Not just next week, not just 6 weeks…we want to support your fitness goals for the long term.  This is building a relationship with a coach, program, community and system that will foster success for years to come.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

There is no risk and no commitment - what better way to find out how we can set you on a course for amazing success?!

We have a strong belief that we should invest in YOU before YOU invest in US! We are dedicated to your success - Whether you just want to lean up, get your first pull-up or have never set foot in a gym before, we got your back!

A World Class Facility built with your success in mind

A dedicated team of caring coaches to help you achieve your goals

Why do people LOVE Edge4Life?

Schedule a No Sweat Intro

Strong Fundamentals

We take pride in doing things the right way, we take our time to build strong fundamentals in all of our members. This isn’t a bang and clang, bro-fist and shout kind of gym. Our veterans will all tell you the same thing – if you want to move well, stay pain free and keep your fitness progressing year after year, THIS is the gym you join.

Everything is built on a system for your long term success whatever that may be: weight loss, strength gains, long term health, race-day-prep or just keeping active.  We can develop a plan for your success.



We have been helping members of our community improve their lives through effective functional fitness since 2012. No goal is too big or too small. We have helped people simply get up and down off the couch all the way to prepare for the NFL Combine. We aren’t a “young person gym” or a “shirtless people gym” we are a “motivated people gym.” Are you ready to get caught up in the momentum of motivation?



When you join us you are joining a supportive community of diverse members with many different needs all working hard to improve their lives through fitness. We work hard, we play hard! Our yearly calendar is packed full of fun events, clinics, social gatherings and ways to engage with like minded individuals. It is the glue that sticks it all together!


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