What is the basic outline of this program?

For 16 weeks you will follow a 4 workout-per-week program that includes a daily warmup and short format workout.  The workouts are short in duration (10 to 15 minutes) in order to allow you to continue with your daily tasks, not consume excessive time, not interfere with your existing workout regimen and prevent injury and setback from too-much-too-soon.  Can you get benefit from only 10 to 15 minutes?  Yes!  In fact, I’ll make the argument that it is precisely this short, precise dose that will get you past what is bugging you.

Who is a good fit for this program?

Here is my story – if you are like me, you are the BEST fit.  I have been exercising for my whole life.  I have been involved in athletics my whole life.  I had tweaks and setbacks here and there, but never really experienced anything problematic until my 30s.  Then they started to pile on.  I could barely recover from one before another problem would rear up.  I felt like I was totally stalled in my progress.  Sometimes it got so bad I was reduced to a few simple movements and felt like I was back tracking.  While I have never had surgery or a diagnosed issue, I have tolerated 9/10 pain that prevented me from sleeping, required pain meds and got me down in the dumps.  I finally got serious about fixing my injuries/tweaks/setbacks/accumulated stress and my mindset was ready for change.  Now at almost 39 I feel the BEST I have felt in about a decade.  You are a good fit if you are READY TO FIX YOUR ISSUES and get stronger where you need it most.

Who might not be a good fit for this program?

You are recently injured.  Still inflamed from an injury.  Contemplating surgery (sometimes it’s too far gone and that is your last hope).  If you have been advised against anything except closely monitored 1on1 supervised training.  Or, if you want a quick fix.  If you aren’t prepared to follow this closely for 16 weeks.  If you just want to “get out of pain and forget about it.”  Then this might not be for you.

This is a process.  A journey.  It will take some time and patience.  But, per the above, if you are ready to take that on – you can succeed and get pain free ability!

I have a torn ligament/golfer’s elbow/carpal tunnel syndrome/etc. will this work for me?

This program is NOT designed to address any specific condition.  This is top down training that looks at the entire system of your wrist, elbow and shoulder and gets it stronger and more capable.  In doing so, a huge portion of people I have worked with experience remediation and even complete resolution of what bugs them and then move onwards to further bulletproofing of their joints.  We have no doctors on our staff and do not make diagnoses.  We may occasionally refer to certain things like Golfer’s elbow, but only to make a point or reference certain inputs/outputs.  Our goal is to provide excellent movement instruction and coaching that is structured in a way to maximally address weak tissues for sustainable long term gains.

What is the length of each working session?

In the beginning, it will take longer as you learn the movement (perhaps as long as 30 minutes).  But, as you internalize the form and get more fluid in your workouts, they are designed to take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I sign up for just one single 4-week cycle?

Yes!  We believe that you can experience some benefit in a short period of time and may no longer need our guidance with this program.  That’s great, we did our job!  You are committing at a minimum to a single 4-week block at a time and can cancel any future block at any time prior to its billing date.

How much does the program cost?

It is $30 billed every 4 weeks for 16 weeks.  If you complete the entire program your total billed amount will be $120.

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