Does Keto work?

Keto works.  But asking if Keto works is like asking if a hammer works.  Hammers work.  But do you have a nail you need to hit?

Everything works.  That is, because everything is a tool or a resource.  Some resources and tools are better than others.  Some only have one function.  Some are cheap and less effective.  Some are built to last.  Some are incredibly expensive and do one incredibly important, difficult function.  But they all work – that’s not the issue.

Question is, what task/problem/goal is in front of you?  If you have the right tools, you can solve any problem.

Most people in the fitness industry “sell hammers” so, as you might expect, they want to convince you that every problem you have is a nail.  If you buy a hammer and try to cut a board, you might come to the conclusion that hammers are a scam and ineffective.

Maybe the better question is – will Keto work for you? Honestly?  Probably not.  Now please first consider my previous point – it could in fact work for you.  But will the method be a good fit for your goals?  The data indicates that this is not likely.  Why might be this be?

To understand what Keto is, you have to take a moment to consider what a “diet” intends to do.  It intends to manipulate your energy intake.  Every diet does it.  Whole30 manipulates your energy intake by not allowing refined foods.  Thus, you have to eliminate calorically dense, nutritionally impoverished foods.  Paleo does essentially the same thing.  What does Keto do?  It manipulates your energy intake by changing the primary energy source of your body.  Instead of Glucose, your body will source ketones.  Where do you get ketones?  basically from eating a lot of fat and protein and exceedingly low amounts of carbohydrates.  How low?  To be in full-on-ketosis, you ought to be eating less than 50g of carbs per day.  That is a HUGE task for most people.  Thus, for most people it is simply too tall of an order to be an effective strategy.  Or, it does work but then runs its course and the end user finds it unsustainable.

So how to we present nutrition?  As a strategy.  There is literally a hierarchy of decisions to make to find out where you should start.  Hint: you should NOT START WITH KETO.  Start with something simple – cut your soda intake down and eat more veggies.  If you already drink no soda and like your veggies, then we move on to the next step.  in that way, we create a pathway to success brick by brick, step by step.  This is the method by which people succeed with nutrition – not by jumping head first into a difficult diet scheme.

Want to find out more about nutrition?  We are here to help!

Schedule a No Sweat Intro (what is that?) and we can talk about exactly where you are at and where you need to go.  No special extreme diets need to be discussed!

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