Eric Williams

Operations Manager, Owner and Coach
Eric Williams


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Eric has been an active in fitness since 2008 since introduced to the pursuit of health, fitness and longevity by his younger brother Andrew. Since then, he has voraciously studied and developed his coaching under Andrew’s tutelage, undergoing his own development as an expert in fitness and beginning his career as a coach. His educational background comes from training, education and Industrial/Organizational Psychology (from which he has a Master’s Degree and 10 Years experience) which he has paired with Andrew’s expert knowledge in fitness to build one-of-a-kind fitness systems geared towards strategizing a 10-year progression in your fitness.

What does this mean?  We have a roadmap backed by data, paved with the success of 100s of individuals to come before you and relentlessly optimized for your personal success.



How long have you been training?
I've been in and out of gyms since about the age of 15. I got seriously about my training at the intersection of finding CrossFit about 10 years ago. I've never been more fit and never looked back!
How long have you been coaching?
I have been helping people realize their goals for nearly 8 years.
What do you consider your biggest focus as a coach?
I want people to understand what they are doing. I want to empower them to connect the dots on their movements, understand their diet, understand their physical being and develop them into autonomous athletes that can shape their own fitness destiny.
What do you wish for every member in your gym?
To no longer need me. I know! Weird goal...I want to empower people to understand, learn, succeed and be productive without me looking over their shoulder. That is the ultimate transfer of knowledge and the mark of a truly successful system! If I truly do my job right, people realize it's simpler to just follow the path I've laid out and trust that I am leading them onwards to success year after year after year.

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