Branden Ryder

CrossFit Coach
Branden Ryder


  • CrossFit Level 1


How long have you been training?
I have been making fitness and health a priority of mine for the past 9 years. The previous 6 years of training have solely been CrossFit. I immediately fell in love with the ideology, methodology, and functionality of this style of training. Since then it has been a part of my every-day-routine and I love every second of it!
How long have you been coaching?
I have been coaching at CrossFit Walnut Creek for the past 5 years. With my passion for health and fitness, sharing my knowledge and helping others one step at a time create healthier lifestyles for themselves seemed like a no-brainer to me. I constantly strive for improvement of my craft and look forward to each day I get to coach!.
What do you consider your biggest focus as a coach?
My biggest focus as a coach is ensuring each member's safety on a day-to-day basis. I do this through providing constant feedback and keeping a watchful eye to improve movement patterns and techniques to ensure safety, efficacy, as well as longevity in this style of training. CrossFit can be very technical and can seem very intimidating. It is always my mission to make a seemingly scary style of training far less intimidating, more attainable, and fun to ensure the improvement of everybody's fitness and their confidence across the board.
What do you wish for every member in your gym?
I wish for every member to find something as special in this style of training just as I have. I believe what we do on a daily basis is fun, challenging in just the right ways, and is an incredibly effective means to live a healthier lifestyle. I wish for everybody to prove to themselves that they are all capable of far greater feats of strength, conditioning, and agility that they ever thought possible. When I see those realizations, all of the PR's, or even the refinement of technique making something feel far better and easier, always makes my day. When it comes down to it I just want everybody to stay safe, get strong and incredibly fit, and fall in love with what we do!

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