How to stop time wasting nonsense

I had a moment.

Not that you care about the woes of being a small business owner, but there is an important lesson here.

I texted my wife and said, “I need to do less.”

Here is my brain’s operating software:

Step 1 — Every single passing thought that ever crosses my mind needs to be recorded as a to-do item

Step 2 — Stress out that you cannot complete said items

Step 3 — Pick the most useless one, spend a ton of time on it, get no ROI and then refer back to list and stress out

Maybe you do this too? (Honestly, I think it’s just straight up human to be this way…anyway)

How does this translate to fitness? Ever done the following:

Step 1 — Get frustrated that things aren’t going well (back hurts, overweight, no energy, etc. etc.)

Step 2 — Sign up for that fitness class thing you saw on Facebook


Step 2b — Clean up your diet 100% (i.e. eat only salad)

Step 2c — Do a juice cleanse this week

Step 2d — Deny yourself all pleasure in pursuit of said goal

Step 2e — Sign up for a Tough Mudder

Step 2f — Buy some new clothes for the gym (cuz, why not?)

Step 2g — Drink a lot of hot water with lemon

Step 3 — Ditch the diet when the weekend comes, fall off the cleanse (it honestly made you feel like crap anyway), go overboard on that leftover cake from the recent party, cancel the race, add whiskey to the lemon water as you watch Netflix in your new clothes.

I don’t mean to be crass and defeatist, I want to almost paint an absurd picture of this human being getting hyped up and then deflated almost immediately…because it is the amalgamation of what I see every day. In an honest effort to make a change, ALL THE WRONG THINGS are selected at once. The reason? Well, this is the stuff that is shoved down our throats 24/7. None of the aforementioned is useful. Yet, tons of advertising dollars are thrown at you to convince you of exactly that.

So what’s the move?

If I could select TWO things for you that would produce a disproportionately high ROI it would be the following:

Step 1 — Go to the gym for 45 minutes, 2x a week. Do strength training. Curls, squats, situps, lunges, pullups, bench press…whatever. Challenge yourself and for gods sake skip the elliptical.

Step 2 — Monitor your calories, eat precisely your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)

That’s it!

Here’s the rub — the picture just painted was basically the same as:

– Dont fall for get rich quick schemes, they dont work.  Instead;

– Invest in the market, its that easy!

The punchline — if this dialogue has got you more upside-down than clearly headed in the right direction, it is time to get a consult with a professional.

Fitness is challenging. Don’t make it even harder by trying to go at it alone.

~ Coach Eric

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